I’d like to share a little about myself as we get to know each other.   As you see I have a multiracial family.   That should be neither here nor there.   You would think that in 2021 I would not even have to discuss this topic – but unfortunately, with today’s society – we do.

I grew up in a military family – my father 32 years Air Force – 35 working for both others and himself. My mother was an Oncology Charge Nurse for 37 years.   I grew up with seven siblings – life was great.   We lived in England for eight (8) years due to a military assignment and then moved to Texas and settled there for quite some time.   My father retired and started his own HVAC Company while my mother continued with nursing.   Eventually, they both retired from their perspective jobs.   My siblings grew up – some went to college – some not – all started families – some stayed within the area – some moved away …  I share all of this as an introduction to …  what is to come …

Vision of Reality – Life’s Harder Moments – a journal/poetry book I have written and soon will be publishing and sharing with you –

“One Day … My Life Will Be Happy” by Darby Meads

In 1979 – many many moons ago … I brought a classmate home after school – I thought nothing of it – we just hung out – rode horses, played, and ate snacks.  My mother came home from work and saw my friend.  She asked me what we had been doing and why she was there.   I told her what we had done that afternoon – since we didn’t have any homework.  My mother slapped me in my face – asked me if I was on drugs.  Told me I was never to taint the family with friends like that again – to pack my things – I had two days – I would be moving out of the house – that was my first experience with racism – I was 12 (twelve) years old.
When my father arrived home from work that evening – my mother explained to him what had happened and she informed him that I had two days to get out.  If he had anything to say about it – he would need to choose – me or the rest of the family.   That was a Wednesday evening.  Friday at 5:00 pm my father signed an apartment lease for me using his military paycheck – it paid six months rent.   I never received another thing from my parents after that.
It took 10 years before I spoke to my family again- my brother, Thomas, in the military passed away.  Another five (5) years went by before I spoke to another member of my family – my father called – he had heart surgery.   Ten (10) more years went by before he and I spoke again and in 2005 my husband and I decided even though my father felt his ways about our family – he needed someone to take care of him and his medical needs and we moved him to Florida to be near us – right next door to be exact.  He even lived with us his last 7 years of his life due to multiple strokes and dementia.
However during all these years from 1989 when my brother passed to when my father passed in 2017 – I had not spoken to the rest of my family, (my mother nor my other siblings) maybe a one handful of times.
Unfortunately, I did find out in 2016 my mother passed away – along throughout the years two of my brothers and a sister had passed as well.  It’s sad naturally none of my family got to know my wonderful husband, our adorable; precious daughters.  Never knew their accomplishments or failures; hopes or dreams.  It’s amazing what hate can do to people and what it can cause people to do to themselves…
…all because I befriended a black girl… Married a black man, and had two beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful biracial daughters.
Trust GOD, Depend on GOD, Live for GOD, GOD is Everything – if he wasn’t I would not be here today.  He is my Everything.
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