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~A. Loving Hearts Helping Hands Foundation

Blessings Everyone – For the first two years of living in my apartment I slept on the floor because I had no furniture.   I ate the turned over fruit and vegetables that were going to waste at the Fruit Stand I worked at.  I took home the chicken left at the end of the day from the restaurant I worked at.   Popcorn and pinto beans were the only things I knew how to cook.

I vowed not only myself but if I could help it, anyone, I came in contact with – if I could help them – I would.   On October 4, 1980 – my 13th birthday – the birthday after I was asked to move out of my parents’ home –  I started the “Loving Hearts Helping Hands Foundation”.    I never wanted anyone to ever know the feeling of “without”.

I started to teach myself to cook.  I bought my first piece of furniture – a couch, from the Goodwill.   I started crafting and crocheting began selling items at flea markets and craft shows.  I started making Darby’s Famous Homemade Salsa and Darby’s BBQ Sauce.    Having all my proceeds going back into the foundation.   For the past 35 years, my husband and I have run our Foundation with the help of donations and blessings of many saints and with these, we have been able to expand our Foundation to what it is today.

Please visit Supreme Sparkle Market to make a purchase of any fantastic items for yourself or your Special Someone – for all proceeds of the Market go to our Loving Hearts Helping Hands Foundation.   

God is so great and without him we are nothing.  To him, we give the glory.



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