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Blessings Everyone- DID YOU KNOW????

­čĺő Did you know our SKINCARE is our #1 SELLER, notLipSense┬«?┬á

­čĺő┬áSeneplex ┬« Complex┬árushes new skin cells to the surface 23% faster and sloughs off our dead skin, revealing the BEST SKIN of our life.

­čĺő┬áSensitive Skin, start with the basics and Climate Control. We are the ONLY company in the WORLD that has SenePlex┬« Complex that makes us unique.

­čĺő┬áDead skin has a gray tone, this appears when we age and aren’t producing new cells at a fast rate. SeneGence ┬« to the rescue.┬á­čĺą

­čĺő SeneGence ┬« is the best of science and nature combined. We are 98% natural, 2% science. If something is 100% natural, it would need to be kept in the refrigerator to hold ingredients together.

­čĺő SeneGence┬« changes skin from the inside out. Climate Control, along with many other products, penetrates through the skin, doesn’t stay on the surface, or doesn’t clog pores. SeneGence ┬« is a system, it’s meant to work together.

Ex: Using our amazing foundation and a drug store cleanser that clogs pores…. no Bueno.

­čĺő┬áOur products protect us from urbanization.

­čĺő┬áWe have nanotechnology, meaning our molecular size is small enough to go in our pores, not clogging. We do have products with a slightly bigger molecular size to protect us from the sun, still never clogging pores.

­čĺő┬áSeneGence┬« has vitamins A, B, C, D & E – We have essential oils in skincare too! Our vitamin C is stabilized so it works, it’s not dead! Many products can claim they have vitamin C, but unless is stabilized… it means nothing.

­čĺő Orchids grow big and plentiful on the island of Vanuatu, scientist discovered its due to the volcanic ash from the island that’s allowing these orchids to grow. Studies were done to see if that volcanic ash would be beneficial to our skin. It was. Volcanic Ash from the island of Vanuatu is in many of our products, full of nutrients and protects our skin from the sun.

­čĺő SeneGence ┬« uses the highest level of ingredients. Sure you can find skincare cheaper, but it is cheaper. Cheaper ingredients, etc. Ingredients are graded A+, A, B, C, and so on. We use nothing but the best.

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I am a Personal Chef and business owner of Darby's Specialty Designs where I have been a caterer and creator of Darby's Famous Homemade Salsa and Darby's BBQ Sauce for the past 38 years. I make unique chalk art, handmade crochet items for Angels from Heaven on up to Seasoned Saints, and sell clothing and jewelry. I have been married to Johnny Meads - a former NFL player and college scout for 37 years. We are proud parents of two gorgeous, talented, adult daughters. Our oldest; a Fashion Designer and our youngest; an Athletic Trainer. We have a Non-Profit Foundation called Loving Hearts Helping Hands - Helping Those In Need. We have resided in the Florida Panhandle for the past 22 years.
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