So Many Colors – So Many Options

Have you ever tried to get dressed and wondered 

Does this actually go together???   

Does this really match???

Well don’t worry – I am here at the rescue.   I have the solution – these color palettes don’t just work for your makeup they work for your clothing as well. 

(Just for fun – hang them in your sweetheart’s closet – I bet their attire starts looking a little sharper too – lol) 

I am a Personal Chef and business owner of Darby's Specialty Designs where I have been a caterer and creator of Darby's Famous Homemade Salsa and Darby's BBQ Sauce for the past 35 years. I make handmade crochet items for Angels from Heaven on up to Seasoned Saints. I have been married to Johnny Meads - a former NFL player and college scout for 34 years. We are proud parents of two gorgeous talented adult daughters. Our oldest a Fashion Designer and our youngest an Athletic Trainer. We have resided in the Florida Panhandle for the past 20 years.
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