Blessings Everyone – I pray I bring empowerment and enlightenment to your life today

Learn from yesterday –> whatever mistakes you made, don’t repeat.   Learn from your experiences and apply it to your life today.

Live for today –> live in the present and don’t always focus on things that could happen in the future.   Make sure to do what you want to do TODAY rather than putting it off.

Hope for tomorrow –> have dreams and don’t stop dreaming.   Believe in yourself.   Pray and hope that tomorrow will bring even more fun experiences and happiness.

The important thing is not to stop questioning –> never stop wondering about the world.   Have an open mind and continue to constantly learn new things.   Make discoveries.   Be curious.  Love your life.


I am a Personal Chef and business owner of Darby's Specialty Designs where I have been a caterer and creator of Darby's Famous Homemade Salsa and Darby's BBQ Sauce for the past 38 years. I make unique chalk art, handmade crochet items for Angels from Heaven on up to Seasoned Saints, and sell clothing and jewelry. I have been married to Johnny Meads - a former NFL player and college scout for 37 years. We are proud parents of two gorgeous, talented, adult daughters. Our oldest; a Fashion Designer and our youngest; an Athletic Trainer. We have a Non-Profit Foundation called Loving Hearts Helping Hands - Helping Those In Need. We have resided in the Florida Panhandle for the past 22 years.
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